Monday, 21 November 2011

Meet the family

My family are a little bit odd, a bit of a cross between the Munsters and the Adams Family.

The Mad Monk who is the Daddy to this mad bunch

The Mummy

Me - rest assured that I am one of those nice glittery vegetarian Twilight vampires - sadly you can't see how glittery I am in the photographs

My werewolf husband

Hmmm - not sure if a vampire/werewolf marriage is a good thing or not

My sisters

My brother and his wife (you can only join this family if you are a little bit crazy!!!)

The nieces and nephews -

Chloe and Amanda

Connor and Harry

Melissa - a very beautiful corpse bride

Other family members

And the reason for all this craziness, well my dear niece Milly was 21 last week but as she was away on her cruise she had a belated party on her return.  She loves horror movies and so chose horror as the theme for the fancy dress.

My Mum did a wonderful job of altering Lucinda's wedding dress for Milly to wear - I loved the little attention to details including all the little spiders on the dress.

And finally one of me with my  lovely god-daughter 
I'm going to have lots of fun doing some layouts with these photographs!!


  1. I'm going to report this entry for not having enough comments on it. ;)

  2. wow, wow, WOW! What awesome photos Karen, i CANNOT wait to see what layouts you create.....brilliant!!!

  3. What a fantastic selection of photo's Karen, it certainly looks as though a good time was had by all, they are all brilliant :)


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