Tuesday, 10 July 2012

10 on the 10th - My (current) top ten favourite Marillion songs

I'm sneaking in at the 11th hour with my 10 on the 10th post.  As it needs to be a very quick post this month I have gone for my 10 favourite Marillion songs.  Now please bear in mind that my top 10 changes virtually every week and it would be far easier for me to do a top 50!!  Also these are not ranked in any order either - I love all these songs and couldn't possible decide which is actually number one - this is just the order in which I scrawled them down

1.  Beyond You -

2.  Fantastic Place -

3.  Neverland -

4.  This Train is My Life -

5.  These Chains -

6.  Afraid of Sunlight -

7.  The Other Half -

8.  Between You and Me -

9.  This Strange Engine -

10.  The Invisible Man -

It is such a shame that this isn't 20 on the 20th as I have left lots of my favourites off of this list.  If you are new to Marillion you can request a sampler album called Crash Course from their website.

And if you want to join in with 10 on the 10th, then go and check out Shimelle's blog and see what 10 things other bloggers are getting up to!!


  1. Wow Karen x
    your 10 on the 10th shows what a huge fan of them you are x


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Karen xx

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