Monday, 2 July 2012

My Month in Numbers - June 2012

Another month has passed us by so it is time once again to join in with Julie Kirk's Month in Numbers, so here goes with my June numbers.

Only 249 days till we are in the Netherlands for 3 days of madness at the Marillion Convention

I've been pretty productive this month - 22 blog posts, 13 layouts, 10 Christmas Cards, 15 other cards and 2 bracelets.  I took part in the A Trip Down Memory Lane cybercrop two weekends ago and managed to do all 6 challenges and 4 of the classes. 

I decided to put away all my loose layouts - it took me about 5 hours to put away 75 layouts into 8 different albums (I have to have all my albums in date order but I don't scrap chronologically so I always have lots of moving around of layouts to do - which is why I leave it until I have over 50 to put away!!  I didn't get bored though whilst doing this as I watched the first 5 hours of the tv series The Bridge (Danish/Swedish crime drama serial).

And then the next day I watched the final 5 hours as I really needed to know who did it!! 

So that's my numbers for this month - nothing very earth shattering LOL!!


  1. Ha, it doesn't need to be earth shattering! It all sounds good, I'm impressed you put all those layouts away, I have a big pile to sort out too! x

  2. Wow! Very productive indeed! The classes at the cyber crop & the challenges were really cool. Great to know you enjoyed them. :)

  3. Maybe not earth shattering but very productive!!

  4. Oh I loved The Bridge. I bet it was great watching them all so close together [I could hardly breathe during the events at the end!]

    You sound like you had a great creative and productive month. I hate putting my layouts into albums but really need to do it. I even have an empty album just waiting for me to get organised...

    Thanks for joining in, I've pinned your post to the board with the others now:

    Happy July!

    Julie :-)


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