Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Blogtoberfest 2013 - Day 22 - New Ariel 3 in 1 pods

Every now and then I do a bit of product testing for various market research companies - usually I have to be very hush hush about what I am testing as often these products aren't ready to go on public sale yet.  But recently I have been testing some stuff for Super Savvy Me and as it is a current product I am allowed to speak about it and share samples so that friends & family can try it too.

The product is the new Ariel 3 in 1 pods and I was sent the Biological variety to test (they also come in Colour and Febreze varients).

My tester's pack contained a full size pack of the 3 in 1 pods, samples to give out to friends and family with short surveys for them to fill in plus a money off coupon for a future purchase

The pods are really easy to use, you just put one directly into the drum of the machine, add your clothes, add fabric conditioner if you use it and then away you go.  They are suitable to use at low temperatures and they save time and money as you don't have to mess about adding extra stain removers to the wash.  This is great for me as my husband over the years has earned himself the nickname of 'The Muck Magnet', I swear when he is wearing a white shirt he sees it as a challenge as to how many different stains he can get on it!!  And it is never easy stuff to get out - think curry, mustard, ketchup, tea, coffee!!!!   I've even done a layout called The Muck Magnet showing him in action LOL!!

I was really impressed with the results, my washing was so clean, the challenging stains had gone and I didn't have to rewash anything.  My laundry also smelt absolutely wonderful - I just love the smell of clean clothes and that just freshly washed smell and over the last few years have found that modern laundry products don't have that same lovely smell anymore - it is no surprise that my favourite candle scent is Clean Cotton.  The wet laundry smelt absolutely divine, I had to keep sniffing all the washing before I put it out on the line LOL and they still smelt great when dry too.  My whites are definitely brighter too, thanks to the brightening product that is also in the unique pod.  I was also impressed with how clean they left my washing machine - I have used capsules in the past and found that some brands leave a sticky goo around the door seal, but not these, they dissolve totally and leave no residue behind.

So this little pod is now my new best laundry friend!!!

I definitely found that it lived up to the hype - cleaning, removing stains and brightening with one simple to use pod.  The people that have had samples of it are also sending me back glowing reports too.


  1. I tested these and loved them too :) I had the febreeze ones though and the smell was amazing. Great when I need to dry clothes inside at this time of year

    1. I was wondering what the febreze ones were like - must give those a try!!

  2. Oh I'll certainly give them a go


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