Friday, 4 October 2013

Blogtoberfest 2013 - Day 4 - Little boxes

I made this little box to hold some Yankee Candle tealights, as a gift for a friend.

I have always struggled with making boxes and getting the right size so that the lid fits just right, until I came across this on Catherine Pooler's blog, it is such a simple technique without have to mess around with lots of working out how to make the lid bigger.

I will be making boxes galore now - here is the box that I made to house the little album made for my parent's wedding anniversary.


  1. It's a good technique. I have to admit I prefer mine though as it avoids the need to cut card with an odd 1/16th added to the measurement. My trimmer is only marked in 1/8ths so it would be tricky to get an accurate cut.

  2. Oh I just love a beautiful wrapped gift! These little boxes are so cute.


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