Thursday, 24 October 2013

Blogtoberfest 2013 - Day 24 - My Month in Numbers September

Well they do say better late than never - so here are my numbers for September!!

As always the most important number is how long till we get our next Marillion fix - it is now only 15 sleeps away - I'm so excited!!!!

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary - we had a family meal in their favourite Chinese restaurant attended by 17 people.

and then a week later we took them to the beautiful island of Guernsey for a little holiday.

This beautiful cottage was our home for 9 days.

A highlight of the holiday was a day on the beautiful island of Herm - it only took 20 minutes to get there by boat and we enjoyed beautiful weather that day - a glorious 20C.  We made our way to Shell Beach which was a 45 minute walk from the harbour.

Coming back we had to negotiate the Rosiere steps to pick our boat back up, what a bad number collector I am because I was so busy trying to stay upright on them that I didn't count them and I cannot find anywhere online that actually says how many there are - but there were a lot!!

We also spent 2 nights in Manchester and went on an elephant hunt around the Trafford Centre - there were over 100 elephants and we managed to track down 85 of them.  Here are some of my favourites -

I also held my first fundraiser of the year - I was allowed to have a stall and run a raffle at my parent's sheltered housing's weekly coffee morning.  We raised £214 for a local charity Children with Cancer Fund, we are now busy getting ready for another one in November.

Craftwise I made 9 Christmas cards, 11 other cards, 10 post it note pads, 2 layouts and a 20 page 6x6 album for my parents.

Month in numbers is a regular blog feature on Julie Kirk's blog - Notes on Paper, you can find out how to participate here

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  1. Hi Karen. Sorry it took me while to get here! But I'm here now and your post is safely pinned to the board:

    Your holiday looks so beautiful - the photo of you on the sand is lovely - how nice that you had the perfect weather for it.

    And I can't believe [well, actually I *can* believe it!] that you're off to see Marillion again so soon. Time's certainly flying.

    The elephants look fab - especially the animal print one! And congratulations on your fundraising - that's a great total.

    Thanks for joining me once again. Wishing you a wonderful November.

    Julie :-)


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