Friday, 18 April 2014

My Month in Numbers - March

Oooops I almost forgot to share my March numbers.

2 weekends away, first one near Cambridge, meeting up with 5 online friends from my Flylady group

Weekend no 2 was our annual trip with fellow Twilight lovers to a huge converted barn near Hereford for a weekend of crafting.  13 of us in total, including 3 husbands.

I made 1 coffee and walnut cake for the weekend and 16 vampire cupcakes

We make little gifts for each other, I made 12 sets of Elizabeth Shaw chocolates

I set myself a goal of making 30 cards over the weekend - I hit my total and started another 6 cards!

The 3rd weekend of March was spent up in London at Guy's Hospital, whilst my Dad underwent a cochlear implant - Mum and I spent 6 anxious hours waiting for him to come back to the ward.

Dad was very chipper following the op and wanted a photograph showing off his head bandage -

After a 2 night stay we were allowed to take him home, he is making a good recovery and we now wait for the device to be turned on.

Inspired by some of the ladies at the barn who are on stash diets, I set myself some targets before I can buy myself new stash - my targets are 30 layouts (not including class pages) and 100 cards.  I'm allowed to replace adhesives, inks, page protectors and neutral cardstock but no patterned papers, embellishments or dies/stamps.  So far I have 84 cards and 27 layouts left to make!!

I have some countdowns for next year - the Marillion European convention in the Netherlands, only 335 days to go and then 356 days to the UK convention.  Also 132 days to my big birthday!!

 My crafty totals are 3 layouts, 15 Christmas cards, 32 other cards, 1 bracelet and earring set, 12 sets of Liz Shaw mints and 18 blog posts.

If you would like to join in with Julie Kirk's monthly number crunching, you can find out how right here


  1. A very good month all round. Your post has reminded me that I still have my mints. It seemed a shame to dismantle them!

  2. Who do I talk to abut getting March declared as the official 'Crafting in a Barn' month? It's nice to know that we're all rather similarly inclined! Plus- it's good to hear [as we do every year in MinN] that so many of us are taking time out to be with friends and to create ... with cake. Naturally!

    Not that I was anywhere near as creative on my retreat as you were! You put me to shame!

    I'm wishing your Dad a speedy recovery and all the best for the switch on. He certainly seems to be taking it all in his stride.

    Best of luck with the stash diet! I'm sure you'll feel smug once you achieve it! And it's the best excuse to shopping ...

    Thanks for joining me once again Karen - I've added you to the board now:

    Julie :-)


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