Monday, 4 July 2016

Memorandum Monday

Helllllooooo Monday - have you missed me?  We got back from our Grand Scottish Road Trip last Monday but I discovered fairly soon after walking in that my laptop was dead!!  So I haven't so far been able to share much about the holiday - I am borrowing Mr P's PC to do today's post and hopefully fairly soon I might have a lovely new shiny laptop!!  The holiday was brilliant - I am having trouble adjusting to speeded up life - the pace is very slow on Orkney and even slower on Shetland - I am missing the simmer din, free range sheep all over the road and people who give you cheery waves when you pull over to let them pass you on the narrow single lane tracks - we had our cheery waves perfected by the end of the trip but they seem a little wasted down here in the deep south, people don't seem to appreciate them LOL!!

So this last week has seen me drowning under a pile of dirty washing - it was just too disheartening to photograph just how much washing two people generate in 15 days.  The good news is I have caught up with the washing and now the ironing monster has taken up residence - I will tame him slowly whilst I catch up with two weeks of recorded TV.  I had a break over the weekend from all the catching up with domestic stuff.  On Saturday I went to my parents to deliver little pressies and just have a catch up.  It was my turn to supply the wine so it seemed the ideal opportunity to try out the Orkney Raspberry liqueur that I had brought back - they did say in the shop that it went really nicely with fizz!!

The verdict - my Mum prefers her fizz plain but I really liked it!!

Sunday was a beautiful day - the sun was shining and we went out for the day with Mum and Dad as Mr P had a rare Sunday off (I made a bit of a boob when making plans for the weekend and completely forgot it was my crop weekend - can't believe I did that LOL but sometimes when the opportunity comes up to do family things you have to go with it!!).  Our first stop was Middle Farm near Firle for a light lunch and some retail therapy in the farm shop.  I got some lovely sausages - Wild Boar and Apple for me and Venison and Red Wine for Mr P - I think we will be having some sausage ploughman's for dinner.

Then we went on to Hadlow Down so that my grandparent's grave could be tidied up.  I went for a wander up to the little church - I was christened here and my parent's got married here almost 53 years ago.

A little drive round after that found us near Mayfield so we did an impromptu visit to an aunt and uncle and after a pleasant cup of tea in their garden we wended our way back home and had a meal out at a nearby pub.  A wonderful weekend and the perfect way to recharge our batteries ready to take on another week.

One of my main jobs this week is to sort the garden out - I had cleared out all the tubs before we went away and last week we managed to get a few bedding plants.  So today I have made a start making the back garden a little more colourful.

Hopefully next week I can share some photos of the finished garden.  The rest of this week involves a trip to town for some retail therapy, taming the ironing monster and my monthly scrap class.

Hope you all have a good week, I'm off to give Sian and the other Mondayers a wave over at From High in the Sky.  And a Happy 4th July to all my American blog readers xx


  1. I have said this before, but vacation laundry is not for the faint of heart. I cannot remember the last time I had my iron out, yes monster is a good description. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation :)

  2. Remember that lovely slow pace of life for as long as you can. Sounds perfect

  3. Aha!I hve been wondering how you were doing. I'm secretly a little glad I hadn't made the connection it was time for your holiday or I might have spent the last couple of weeks being jealous lol It sounds wonderful and I'm glad you've been able to fit in a couple of nice things to do since you've been back, to ease you back to everyday life!

  4. Glad you are back after a lovely holiday. Hope the computer situation improves. And I think the raspberry sounds delightful.


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