Monday, 11 July 2016

Memorandum Monday

Another Monday has rolled around so it is time to hop on over to From High in the Sky and pay Sian a visit!!

It has been a pretty quiet weekend here as Mr P was working 12 hour night shifts all weekend.  I carried on quietly tackling the laundry monster - he has now been beaten into submission but that pesky ironing monster is taking a while to tame, the weather has just been so muggy it isn't comfortable to do more than an half an hour at a time.

Saturday evening I went to my parents and we watched The Hobbit part 1 whilst I busied myself sewing up soft toys that Mum has been knitting for our autumn fundraiser - I worked on some penguins this weekend, they are very fiddly with the wings, feet and beak and it takes quite a while just to sew one up.

Sunday I made sure I was parked on the sofa to watch the men's Wimbledon final with a glass of Pimms at the ready.

I wasn't disappointed with the result - well done Andy Murray and also a big well done to Heather Watson who won in the mixed doubles!!

I also made a good start on a wedding anniversary card - I need to get cracking with it as it is needed this week!!

Monday sees me looking forward to a busy week, a meal out with an old friend, a cinema visit and hopefully some time in the garden finishing off the tubs are all on the list for the week, plus a cyber crop by A Trip Down Memory Lane starting on Friday (so I definitely need to do some tidying in the boxroom so that I can get to all my stash easily!!)


  1. I'm very glad you were able to squeeze some tennis and Pimms in there because we know what it's like being stuck with washing and ironing on your own..nobody even there to say "finish that shirt and I'll put the kettle on"!!

    Hope that laundry lasts you the week and you can get some more crafting in

  2. It sounds like a great weekend and a lovely week to look forward to. (You are well into it by now, aren't you?) The critters are too cute!


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