Friday, 25 February 2011

Only one month to go!!!!!

OMG I  just noticed my ticker - in a month's time we will be in Port Zelande, Holland at our very first Marillion convention.  I am just so excited that I just cannot contain myself.  Most people around us just don't understand and think we have gone a little bit bonkers, but this is my definition of heaven - to spend three days with other people who just get Marillion in the same way as us and don't roll their eyes everytime the M word is mentioned.  The three gigs over three nights are going to be just awesome if the bits of YouTube coverage of the 2009 convention is anything to go by.

This video is just a little taster of what happened two years ago -

And we have just heard that we have been picked to have an official photograph taken with the band during the weekend - I won't be able to wait to get home and scrapbook that photograph!!!!  It will have pride of place in my Marillion album!  Here's hoping that I don't develop a giant spot on my nose that weekend LOL!!

And after the convention we get to stay on in Holland to visit family friends - some of them I haven't seen since I was 13 years old.  I am going to pack a big box of tissues as I think I will be shedding a lot of tears of happiness that week.


  1. Well done on getting the prize, what a fabulous oppurtunity for you :) It sounds like you are going to have a great weekend what with the concerts and family vists, I hope you enjoy it and have a really lovely time :)

  2. Karen, thank you for the youtube link ... I kept meaning to check Marillion out, once I'd read about them on your blog :) ... sounds to me like you're going to have such a magical time.

  3. Now you know how I felt at PH! lol, roll on Marillion then :D



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