Saturday, 5 February 2011

Twilight cupcakes

I wanted to take some home baked goodies on our Twilight Addicts weekend away but wanted to do something new, so volunteered to supply cupcakes.  I found this lovely recipe and they suggested that they would be good for a Halloween or twilight themed party.  The test batch was tested on my DH and other family members - they went down very well and were given a 9 out of 10 nom nom rating.  So I set about making a full batch to share at the weekend


Just baked

Centres injected with raspberry jam - these have been done as described in the recipe and the only fault that my taste testers could find with the cupcakes was that there should be more jam in the centres.  So for my second batch I actually scooped out a small well in the top of the cake and was able to add a lot more jam and once the icing is added you cannot see the hole in the top of the cake.

Iced (sadly my icing skills are not up to much, I tried to pipe the icing on so that they looked like the ones in the original recipe but they looked disgusting so I resorted to just slathering the topping on with a spatula).  I really wanted to decorate the cakes with a red apple but could not find anything suitable that was edible so had to settle for jelly hearts.  In future and time allowing I could always make some from fondant icing.

Afternoon treat




They were very yummy but very sweet and sickly, I would be surprised if anyone would eat two of these in one sitting.  I hope the girls like them this weekend.


  1. Ooooohhhhh karen! they look ABSOLUTELY delish! I am sure they will go down storm at your retreat! Have a wonderful time, I know how much you have been looking forward to it :)
    Warmest Wishes Anita..xxxx

  2. ooo yummm yummm.....hope the group loves them as much :O) (sure they will or do already lol)

  3. They were flipping delicious xxxx

  4. They look really yummy, I think they will disappear off the plate very quickly!!

    Enjoy your weekend Karen :)

  5. They look tempting... even without the apples... :)


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Karen xx

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