Wednesday, 11 May 2011

And I'm paying in pain, But it's the cost of the high

The Marillion weekender at Leamington was absolutely fabulous but I am now paying the price for three very late nights and having to get up early each day - next time we will go self catering so that I get enough sleep.

After the first night with my facebook friend the lovely Laura who had travelled from Italy for the weekend -

And the guy is Andrew one of the Parrotheads who are famed for wearing loud shirts, shorts and flip flops to the gigs even in winter!

This was my view of the stage most nights -

And believe me that is a good view compared to what I usually have at The Assembly.  They had put a ramp up the steps at the back so that those in wheelchairs were in the raised area but once people stood on the steps in front of you then any height vantage was sadly lost - I am a shortarse at only 5'3" but once sat in my chair I shrink even lower so the minute a six footer stands in front of the chair I see nothing.  I did resist temptation to poke people up the butt with my walking stick LOL!!

A good place to store glow sticks when not needed on the Sunday night for voting -

What three very late nights and early mornings did to Richard -

Our hotel The Old Mill at Baginton -

I can't believe how quickly the three days went and yes the weekend was so worth feeling so fatigued and unwell now.  I am still replaying the gigs in my head and look forward to when it is released on CD.  Only 22 months till the next round of conventions start LOL!!!!!

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  1. I am soooo pleased you had such a wonderful time Karen....and hope you recover real soon. fab idea with the glo-sticks.xx


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