Friday, 1 March 2013

My Month in Numbers - February

The beginning of the month always means it is time to join in with Julie Kirk's My Month in Numbers

February has been a busy month in the kitchen as I get ready for 2 weekends away.  I have rustled up 76 mince pies, 30 cookies, 1 coffee cake, 1 lemon overload cake, 3 Dundee cakes, 9 baby Dundee cakes and 12 Vampire cupcakes.

Of course the most important number for the month is 7 days to the Marillion Weekend at the Centre Parcs in Port Zelande, Netherlands.

To say that I am excited is a slight understatement - I am positively bouncing off the walls now LOL!!  3 whole days spent with 3,000 other fans, 3 gigs of my favouritest band ever - what is there not to like!!

Other notable numbers for the month are 1 trip to the cinema to see Les Miserables and 1 trip to the theatre to see a school's edition version of Miss Saigon.

Despite all the time spent on baking I have found time to do a bit of crafting too -

8 Memory wire bracelets
1 mini book
7 layouts
3 cards
12 sweet cartons

You can check out everyone else's numbers here


  1. Karen! I can't wait to meet up with you at PZ and to see Marillion again! 3 days with 3000 fans and 3 gigs + lots of parties and other things that is going on there. Boy! it' will be fun.

    See you soon :)

  2. Mmmmh, your kitchen must have smelled divine all month long!!! :D It was fun to stop by to check your numbers! Happy concert!

  3. all those mince pies. my you have been busy in the kitchen. What a fun month of numbers you have.

  4. Hi Karen.

    I'm so excited for you that it's finally here - enjoy every minute! I just know that March's post will begin with a brand new countdown to the *next* concert!

    Your baking and crafting feats have yet again surpassed expectations - you certainly fit a lot into your months!

    Thanks for joining me once again -your post is on the board now:

    Do I even need to say 'Have a great March'? I think there's no question about it!

    Julie :-)

  5. Well the month is finally here! Enjoy your Marillion gigs :) That's an amazing amount of baking in one month! But it was worth it as the coffee cake and the mince pies were delicious xx

  6. So many interesting things to learn (culturally) from your list and month in numbers. Congrats on getting to spend time with your favorite band!


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Karen xx

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