Saturday, 25 May 2013

April - My Month in Numbers

Goodness me it is almost June and I still haven't posted my Month in Numbers from April yet!!!  So I had better get on and do them as before I know it, it will be time to post my June numbers.

Of course the big highlight of April was going to the UK Marillion Convention in Wolverhampton, 3 glorious nights of music, 3 Marillion gigs plus 4 support acts.

The Friday night gig was extra special as Marillion attempted to set a new world record for the fastest time that a music DVD was filmed and then commercially released.

And they did it!!!!!  In a record breaking 10 hours and 31 minutes!!!!

The album played that night was Radiation so of course it was most appropriate to go dressed in our Hawaiian shirts.

1 crazy group photo

2 of my lovely Marillion friends - the Marillion family is very international, these 2 lovely ladies had travelled from the Netherlands and Italy for the weekend

1 quick photograph taken with a very lovely bass player from my number 1 band

 Approximately 5,000,000 pieces of golden confetti fell at the end of the Sunday night gig

It most certainly was an absolutely crazy 3 days and nights spent in the company of over a 1,000 other people who are just as nuts as we are about this band.  The rest of the month was very quiet in comparison.

I did manage to get some crafting done this month including 8 layouts, 5 Christmas cards and
4 other cards.  I also managed 13 blog posts.

If you would like to join in with Julie Kirk's My Month in Numbers, you can find out all the details here



  1. How on earth did you know that they dropped 5,000,000 bits of gold paper? That is impressive, but I am even more impressed by your 8 layouts - that is some result! x

  2. Lovely to see your Marillion themed numbers. I'm disappointed you didn't count all the pieces of confetti though!! Great pics to go with your numbers too :)

  3. Yay! You made it!! and you sound like you had a great time there too. I'm really happy for you!

    I'm wondering if you managed to save any of that confetti for a layout!

    Thanks for joining me once again - you're safely on the board now: I've added you to the board now:

    Happy final-week-of-May to you. Here's to a great June too.

    Julie :-)

  4. A lovely happy set of numbers Karen. I haven't posted mine this month and I don't think I will get to it now!

    Fi xx


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