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My Month in Numbers - August 2014

Gosh look at me, rushing in at the last minute as always with my numbers for Julie Kirk's Month in Numbers.

August was a special month where I celebrated my 50th birthday whilst on a 14 night cruise to the Baltics.  We were homeward bound on my birthday and was on our last port call in Copenhagen before the 2 at sea days to get back to Southampton.  We spent the morning joining in with all the deck games and in the afternoon went to Tivoli Gardens, before a little sailaway party on our balcony.

(And don't worry those Thickers were not wasted, they will be appearing on a layout soon!!)

That evening we had dinner and many glasses of champagne before I was treated to a birthday cake - I only had 1 candle to blow out but after all that champagne I was struggling LOL - it took me 2 attempts!!

We had 4 ports of call on the 14 night cruise - Tallin, St Petersburg, Helsinki and Copenhagen.  It was our first time in Helsinki and it was lovely, the 2 days there was just too short.  One of my favourite sights was a new sculpture in the harbour, a statue that stands 8.5 metres high and is called Bad Bad Boy by Tommi Toija, apparently the Finnish aren't very keen on him, but I was greatly amused!!

Other notable numbers for the cruise were we travelled a distance of 2,846 nautical miles, there were 1,350 guests on board and 510 crew.  The Balmoral has 710 cabins, 11 decks and weighs 43,537 tonnes.  There were 93 chefs making sure we didn't go hungry and apparently 891 kg cheese, 5,700 litres of milk, 29,100 portions of butter, 3,500 kg potatoes, 3,364 kg poultry and 1,192 kg of beef were consumed.  I am glad they didn't reveal how much alcohol was consumed!!

 Of course when we got home I came down to earth with a bump with 8 machine loads of washing and 15 hours of ironing to get caught back up with the laundry!!

Mum also had a special birthday in August so we did a small family party for her 70th Birthday.

 My regular countdowns - only 173 days to the Marillion convention in The Netherlands and 194 days to UK Marillion convention.

Crafting was fairly quiet this month - 1 layout, 11 Christmas cards, 4 other cards and 1 memory wire bracelet with matching earrings.

Well I had better get on, I need to plan 31 blog posts for Blogtoberfest 2014

If you would like to start sharing your monthly numbers then you can find out how to join in right here


  1. It certainly sounds like an amazing celebratory trip!

    I'll be looking out for your Blogtoberfest-ing and,yes, hoping that brings a few more bloggers back to a regular routine.

  2. Well, I'm even more mad at myself for missing this post - I'd been anticipating your birthday [from your countdowns in previous months!] so how it slipped by me I don't know!
    Your cruise sounds just perfect - and you look so happy + well in the photos, 50s clearly treating you well.

    I'm stuck on the 891kg of cheese stat right now ... I've got 2 biscuits sitting here next to my cuppa [with a rumbling tummy too]... but now I can only think of all that food!

    Although, if there's anything that could distract me it would be an 8.5m sculpture of a urinating boy! I can see how it would be a divisive work ... and also why you liked it!

    You are definitely on the board along with the others [although we're a shrinking band of number crunchers lately]

    Apologies again for missing you out! Thanks as ever for joining me and sharing your days + statistics.

    Julie x


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