Friday, 17 October 2014

Blogtoberfest 2014 Day 17 - My Month in Numbers (September)

Time for my monthly round up in numbers and shock, horror I am posting pretty early for me!!!!  No flying in on the last day of the month like I usually do!!

Compared to other months September was pretty peaceful and boy did we need it after a very busy July and August.

I did my 1st fundraiser of the year - a coffee morning at the private sheltered housing complex where my parents live.  We did a raffle, I had made cards, jewellery and post in note pads to sell, my Mum had made lots of knitted goodies and we also had a bric-a-brac/second hand book stall.  It was a busy 2 hours and we raised £217.03 for a local charity that I volunteer with - Children with Cancer Fund

 I had a belated birthday meal out with friends and family - 10 of us enjoyed a meal at a local restaurant.

 I spent 3 days at the end of the month glued to the Ryder Cup - Europe won 16 1/2 to the USA's 11 1/2 (much happiness at Parkhurst Towers that night!!)

Craftwise I did 5 layouts, made 14 Christmas cards and 29 other cards to restock my for sale box.

And my countdowns to the 2 Marillion conventions I will be attending next year, well it is only 152 days to Port Zelande and 174 days to Wolverhampton BUT we get to see them before this year is out on their Christmas tour so only 50 days till we see them in Leamington Spa .
 If you want to join in with Month in Numbers then take a look at Julie Kirk's blog where she explains what to do.


  1. congrats on the amount raised! hope you had a lovely meal ;-)

  2. Like everyone else I'm so impressed by your charity sale total! What generous people there must have been browsing - and of course equally generous people taking time to make things and organise it all. Bravo you all!

    Sounds like a lovely month of crafting, TV and getting together with friends - and I shouldn't be surprised that you're squeezing in an extra Marillion gig before the end of the year should I?!

    You're on the board now, I promise!

    Enjoy November!

    Julie x

  3. I'm an eensy bit Jel of all the Marillo gigs.... :)


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