Monday, 20 October 2014

Blogtoberfest 2014 Day 20 - Me on Monday

Hello Monday, well here you are again!!

It was a summer shirt wearing, pie and mash eating, snowflake die cutting, Christmas card making, restocking my cards for sale box weekend.  Only three weeks to my big open house fundraiser that I do each year and as I sold plenty of cards and all my post it note pads at my last fundraiser I do need to make new stock.  So my weekends are very much taken up with that at the moment.

So Monday finds me with a dilemma or dimella as we call them at Parkhurst Towers, I really really want to play with new crafty stuff that was delivered this morning.

But instead I find myself doing this - oh well I suppose I can always do something crafty this evening.  I will feel virtuous if I can empty the ironing basket today!!

If you want to share all about your Monday plans then pop along and give Sian from High in the Sky a wave


  1. You fitted a lot in to your day Karen. :) Hope your fund raising day goes well.

  2. I hope you got to play with those lovely goodies

  3. nice parcel... can't wait for mine.... :-)

  4. Did you finish your ironing? I finished mine today! Lol! Thanks for your return visit, Karen, and I'm glad you like my recent projects.


  5. I tortured myself with some ironing on Monday too. So let's hope the rest of the week has a lot more craftiness in it. bets of luck with your fundraising!

  6. Love your SU goodies. And I've been putting off Monday's ironing until Tuesday or Wednesday these days.

  7. I use ironing as an excuse for giving myself a treat afterwards ... Jus half an hour ironing, then I can spend the rest of the afternoon sewing!

  8. Oooh, nothing banishes the Monday blues like an SU delivery!!!


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Karen xx

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