Saturday, 18 October 2014

Blogtoberfest 2014 Day 18 - My 50th birthday cards

I was very lucky to receive a large amount of cards for my 50th birthday and quite a number of them were hand-crafted.  Even though I took my cards down a couple of weeks ago I have still left the handmade ones up as they make me smile so much.  I am sure none of these lovely ladies will mind if I share the cards that they made for me.

From Lee -

 From Fiona -

From Lisa -

From Anita -

From Marion -

 From Sarah -

From Jacqui -

From Wendy -

From Christine -

Thank you ladies I loved all my cards xxx


  1. What a lovely selection. Happy to be in such fine company!

  2. Great selection - wonderful variety! x

  3. Made all the more special - because they were made just for you

  4. Rubbish friend award goes to me for not giving you a card this year.... I got you a sign though. I guess I've just been spending more time shopping than cardmaking... the ones you did get from your non-rubbish friends are all proper gorge!!! (with accent of Matt Lucas doing Fat Fighters)


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Karen xx

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