Monday, 11 April 2016

Memorandum Monday

It is still just about Monday, so I still have time to report on the weekend and what the week has in store.

The weekend was a fairly quiet one - Mr P was working all weekend so I took the opportunity for a bit of messy crafting whilst I wasn't going to be getting in the way.  I had some layouts from a class that I took last weekend at the A Trip Down Memory Lane retreat that needed the messy backgrounds doing before I can mount the photographs and other embellishments.

I am really out of my comfort zone doing this type of crafting and I know they will look a whole lot better once they are finished if the class examples were anything to go by - watch this space!!

Saturday evening I did my usual visit to my parents and as it has now become custom due to lack of anything decent on TV on a Saturday evening we watched a DVD.  This week's offering was 'The Theory of Everything' and it was really good.  Of course I didn't sit idle - I got on with stitching up more knitted offerings from my Mum ready for our next fundraiser - it isn't until October but I need to keep up with things or I will end up doing a few midnight oil burning sessions if I leave things till after the summer.

This weekend I did a santa, a penguin and a mouse -

This week is strangely quiet on the calendar - a rare week with no appointments.  I need to get on with booking more hotels and more plans for our great Scottish roadtrip in June.  There is also an ironing monster that needs taming and I also have plenty of crafty stuff to keep me occupied.  Hope you all have a great week!!


  1. Loving the crafty goodness going on there. I did a little messy crafting do and I think it may very well grow on me - at least I think so enough to buy some good paint brushes this week. And I always tame the ironing monster too before trips, usually out of necessity before packing. Have a great week Karen.

  2. ..and I'm reading on a Tuesday (which is brightening a morning here which might as well be November). But argh! the ironing monster! I'm going to have to beat mine into submission in a minute too.

    I love your painty backgrounds. I find that when I don't know where to start with a layout, having that colour there helps me to begin setting stuff out on the page.

    Have a great week Karen

  3. I like your Santa although I do find it hard to think about Christmas right now (col). Theory of Everything was a good movie. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

  4. I love that film - such a sad story at the end when he did so much to save millions of people. Cute knitting and I look forward to seeing your pages when they're finished x


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Karen xx

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