Monday, 25 April 2016

Memorandum Monday

As usual on a Monday it is time to reflect on the weekend and look forward to the coming week.

The weekend was a quiet one at home, I tackled a big pile of mending -

Took delivery of my first Birchbox -

And made a start on my Beat the Christmas Rush cards for April -

And today I kick off with a dentist appointment, hopefully the end to this chronic toothache is in sight.  Then the rest of the day will be spent continuing with our holiday plans for our roadtrip to the Shetlands and Orkneys this summer.

If you want to see what the other Mondayers are up to, hop over to Sian's blog From High in the Sky


  1. Oh a bit of everything here today - how delightful. Off to research Birchbox!!

  2. Hope your tooth ache is better now you've visited the dentist!! Looks like some lovely xmas cards on the go...good luck with the rest of the holiday planning!! Txx

  3. Best of luck at the dentist!

    I so want to go on a roadtrip to Shetland..I can't wait to see the pictures! enjoy looking forward this week

  4. Hope your tooth feels better and you enjoyed your birch box

  5. Hoping that by now your tooth ache is gone. Birch box - yes must google that.


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Karen xx

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