Saturday, 2 June 2012

May - My Month in Numbers

It is time once again to join in with Julie Kirk and share My Month in Numbers.

The month started off with a lot of stress over my monthly online order with a well known high street supermarket.  Usually my order goes really well, there is the occasional item missing or damaged but usually just one quick call to customer services sorts it all out, but not this month!!  A total of 22 items worth £52 pounds were missing from the order.  It took 2 calls to get the problem sorted and the items re-delivered the next day - only for me to find that I had been charged another £52 for the items, making it 3 calls in total to customer services.  On the advice of a few people, some who work for said store as they had not offered me any sweeteners to stay a loyal customer, I made a complaint.  Result was a £15 voucher off my next shop and a promise to investigate what went wrong as I should have automatically had the missing items credited and should not have been made to wait over 24 hours for a re-delivery.

Had a lot of excitement trying to get booked for next year's Marillion Weekend in Port Zelande, The Netherlands.  I was lucky after only a 2 hour wait I got my booking confirmation email.  Only 280 days till the 3 days of madness begins.

It has been a busy crafty month - 20 blog posts, 7 sets of wine glass charms, 5 memory wire beaded bracelets, 6 stretchy bracelets, 1 mini book, 18 cards and 5 layouts made.

My dear nephew Harry celebrated being 18 and loved the Kindle that we got him jointly with my parents. 

I baked 100 bitesize quiches and 28 coffee cupcakes for his party the following weekend

Take a look at Julie's blog to see what everyone else has been up to with their numbers!!


  1. Looks like your month had its moments. I hope you have better luck with your online ordering in June

  2. It never ceases to amaze me just how much cooking + baking there is going on amongst Month in Numbers bloggers [except me!]. Those look delicious!

    You've been super-crafty too and with your Marillion countdown it looks like you'll have at least one monthly statistic to blog from now until next March!

    Thanks for joining in once again, you're on the board now:

    Julie :-)

  3. glad things got sorted with the shopping, and those cupcakes look yummy :)

  4. A busy month for you Karen and anothr great set of numbers! Those cup cakes look delicious :)

  5. Wow Karen x
    You certainly have had a busy month.
    Love all the craftyness & the baking :)


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Karen xx

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