Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Bracelet making again

More memory wire bracelets from me - I just love making them, they are so easy to do and I love how easy they are to wear too - no faffing around trying to do up little clasps and no worries that the elastic may break and ping beads everywhere LOL!!

Most of the bracelets I have made for myself so far are very colourful and I wanted something a bit more neutral this time that would go with dark blues and greys.

Side view -

Viewed from above -

I've barely taken it off since I made it, definitely my new favourite bracelet and whilst I had the bead box out I made one for my 'for sale box', I've called it Mermaid's Tears.


  1. I can see why it's your favourite, it would go with anything. Love the pretty colours in the Mermaid 's Tears bracelet.

  2. Oh Karen, the colours are stunning

  3. they are both gorgeous :-)

  4. lovely! the aqua one is even my fave colours! jx


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