Saturday, 12 July 2014

June's See It, Pin It, Do It - those pesky Hama Beads again!!

After my big fail last month with trying to make enamel dots from Hama Beads, Fiona came up with an idea to help me use all the unused beads - this lovely braided cuff

I had plenty of memory wire so set about making one - the instructions are lovely & clear and easy to follow - what could go wrong?????

Well here it is -

It looks a lot smaller than the original and this might be because my memory wire is only 55cm.  It does fit my wrist as they are quite tiny at just under 6" but it is the most painful and uncomfortable bracelet I have ever worn and this is why -

 You end up with these large metal loops gouging chunks out of your flesh!!  I started off making dainty tiny loops like those in the instructions but there is one problem, the beads have a large hole and they just shoot straight over the loops and ping everywhere. 

I might have another go at making this if I can find some larger diameter memory wire and will also look to see if I can use some spacer beads to act as a stopper so that I only need to turn small loops.

Looks like my niece might end up getting this bracelet as she has really teeny tiny wrists - hopefully she might find it more comfortable to wear!!

If you would like to join in with Fiona's See It, Pin It, Do It then take a look at her blog on how to share your Pinterest inspired creations.


  1. Such a shame as it looked so lovely when I came across it. The example definitely looks much bigger. I hope your niece is able to wear it and make use of all your hard work. I'll add you to the SIPIDI! board now.

  2. I have to say, visually, it's stunning. I'm really in awe of it, but what a shame it's so uncomfortable

  3. amazing! DS2 is currently making loom band bracelets like there is not tomorrow... he has hama beads... should I let him see this? Do hama beads block the hoover like loom bands do??? I will maybe leave it until the Summer Holiday boredom sets in!!! They look great! jx


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