Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My Month in Numbers - June

It is time to join in with Julie Kirk's Month in Numbers, as always I am rushing in late with mine LOL!!

So here goes, this is what June looked like for me in number form -

2 Marillion conventions booked, only 233 days till we will be in Port Zelande, The Netherlands sharing with 3 awesome friends and 254 days till we go to the UK convention.

3 tickets to see Erasure - at least 23 years since I last saw them live.

4 cakes baked

I dusted my sewing machine off after 5 years and covered 2 cushions to go out on my garden chairs, repaired 1 microwave beanie and used the leftover cushion fabric to make 1 small tablecloth plus 1 large tablecloth for the dining room.

I helped my Mum out and filled a spare seat on a coach trip to the Smugglers at Alfriston.  I had 1 cream tea, drunk 3 cups of peppermint tea and ate 2 scones plus 1 scone smuggled out for Mr P.  I also bought 6 postcards for a postcard swap organised by Sian

Went to work with Mr P for his 51st birthday and spent 8 hours sat in a crossing keeper's hut - during that time I stuffed and stitched a few knitted toys including 2 Father Christmas's, 1 snowman and 2 ducklings.

Had a little crafty splurge and got 2 masks and 3 dies

Helped a friend who was selling unwanted craft stash and rehomed 6 Penny Blacks.

After starting the decorating of the hall and downstairs cloakroom 72 days ago, the new flooring has gone down and we can declare it finished (apart from a few pictures that still need to be put up).

Only 30 days to go to my big birthday


  1. I'm glad you did join me today Karen ... you reminded me I'd forgotten to add someone else to the board!

    I *love* the sound of spending the day in the hut with Mr.P. It's a long time since I've gone out and about with my other half while he's working. Might have to mention it next time he's going somewhere nice!

    You definitely sound like you made the most of the sewing machine reappearance. And your chairs / cushions are looking great! Love the spotty green.

    Your June is pinned to the Month in Numbers board with the other counter-uppers now Karen:

    Here's to a happy-August ... and a birthday countdown!

    Julie :-)

  2. And I have one of those very postcards sitting on my shelf :o)

  3. Cake and new crafty goodies - June was a good month, eh?

  4. You've had a great month, so lovely and creative too


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Karen xx

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