Saturday, 17 July 2010

Floral Punch Art

Last weekend I went to Cardinal Colours to a brilliant floral punch class run by Jane Gill.  We made some lovely flowers and it has given me so many ideas on how to use the punches that I already have and of course some new purchases happened to fall into my bag too!!

The flowers we made

My fave was the rose which we made from 10 hearts -

This lilly really tested me but it was worth the effort

And this is what I took home to add to my extensive punch collection


  1. Karen these flowers are stunning, I love them all although the lilly looks amazing - well done, they are all gorgeous :)

  2. Yes, wasn't that fun??

    I posted mine too. I hope you're having a nice time in Germany!!

  3. he he I have some flowers like that too, but I did not get all those punches......I had a couple different lol

  4. Wow, those are really gorgeous! I am really enjoying all the handmade flowers about and keep seeing new ones everywhere! :)


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Karen xx

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