Monday, 12 July 2010

Hooray today is Eclipse day!!!

This afternoon I get to go with my lovely niece to see this -

I hope it lives up to all the hype

We have two large bags of Minstrels to munch on but if it is anything like New Moon I will be glued to the screen and won't be able to eat a thing LOL!

Edited to add -

We loved it, yeah they didn't stick entirely to the book but I think it is the best adaptation so far and it is a good job I ate most of my Minstrels before the film because I was so engrossed in the film. 


  1. I hope you enjoy it and have a fantastic time :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed it m'darling and hope you are having a lovely time too


  3. I loved it too, and agree about the adaptation .... must see it again soon.


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