Thursday, 2 December 2010

Journal your Christmas Day 2 (2009)

Today's prompt was all about the weather,  I have journalled about how much I hate snow so as you can guess I am having a pretty miserable time at the moment with all this white stuff that we are having

You never know we might just have a white Christmas this year but I hope not as I have a friend staying and it will seriously mess up plans to go and collect her if this weather continues until Christmas,


  1. Great page Karen. Mine will be such a contrast to last years!

  2. Totally agree with those first sentiments at the moment ;) Coming from SA I am used to it being stinking hot over christmas and we had our end of year school holidays over christmas as the school year there runs Jan to Dec so hot days and the lawnmower going in the garden give me that school holidays christmas nostalgic feeling lol. I always have to be different ;) Those snowmen are just adorable!


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Karen xx

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