Monday, 29 October 2012

Christmas card making marathon - Blogtoberfest #29

This weekend has seen me embark on a Christmas card making marathon for my fundraiser at the end of this week.  I managed to make 66 cards in the end, the whole process was speeded up by having a huge pile of stamped images that had already been coloured or glittered the week before.

I won't get time to photograph them all before they are bagged up and priced up but will select a few of my favourites.

My next job is to put an insert into them all, bag them and then price them all.

Any leftovers will go into my box of Christmas Cards!!


  1. 66!! Wow! They are all lovely and I am sure they will all sell, so you will have to make some more :-)

  2. Holy crow Karen you are a machine and they are all gorgeous too! Well done, I am sure they are going to sell like hotcakes! :)

  3. WOW these are brilliant but the worst job is the inserts and bagging them up, good luck.


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