Thursday, 11 October 2012

P P P Pick up a Penguin!!! Blogtoberfest #11

Just a quick post today - my Mum has been really busy over the summer knitting soft toys for my fundraisers but I get the lovely job (not!!!) of stitching them up and stuffing them.  As fast as I have been stitching them up Mum has been collecting them and selling them so sadly I don't have any photos to share apart from this little penguin that I managed to quickly snap.

The piece that was a real labour of love and I sat up until 2am the night before the fundraiser was a Clown, there were so many pieces that had to be assembled and stitched before even adding them to the clown and due to the late hour of completing him and then rushing off to the fundraiser early that morning I never got a chance to photograph him - the hard labour was worth it as he was snapped up straight away.  If you look closely at the shot of the table below you can see him before he got whisked off to his new home!!

And now I must get on and get a pile of teddy bears stitched up ready for my next fundraiser - I promise that I will photograph them when finished!!


  1. That is not a job I would relish either!

  2. OMG I had that clown when I was a kid! I thought it was a scarecrow though lol. My gran made me for me :) Oh so many childhood memories just came flooding back there lol. Penguin is very cute too :)

  3. You do so well with your fundraisers! Hope the next one is as successful too



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