Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Journal Your Christmas 2011 - Part 3

Days 10 - 15 of last year's Journal Your Christmas.

Day 10 - Gift wrap - every year I say that next year I will use gift bags but then I forget!!  Present wrapping is my least favourite job of Christmas!!

Day 11 - The Tree - last year we only put up a small fibre-optic tree as we had Sky Plus installed on 21st December and it would have been impossible to do with our usual large tree in place.  So it was easier to just have a small tree instead.

Day 12 - Christmas Past - reminiscing about past years, I have been fortunate to have always had good Christmases with lots of happy memories.

Day 13 - Music - the 13th December saw us doing a quick flit up to Birmingham to see Marillion, we stayed overnight and then had to rush back home the next day as Mr P was straight back to work.  It was a fabulous evening and I had a view looking straight down onto the stage and the front row.

Day 14 -it is never easy choosing presents for Mr P as he tends to go out and buy all the things that he wants or needs.  My sister came up with the idea of taking him over to Brighton in the New Year to see Spamalot.  It was a great idea as he is a big Monty Python fan.  She was right he absolutely loved his present!!

Day 15 - Overindulgence - I buy hardly any biscuits or chocolates but we always end up with a huge stack of norty goodies to eat over Christmas.

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