Friday, 7 December 2012

My Month in Numbers - November

Whoops I am running in incredibly late with my numbers for November - I would like to say that I had been doing something terribly exciting to keep me away from blogging those very important numbers but sadly it is mundane things like DHW (dreaded house work) and laundry.

So here we go - this is what my November looked like -

The most important numbers of all are how many days to the next convention - only 90 days till the Marillion convention in Port Zelande, The Netherlands.  We now have another addition to our cottage so as well as looking forward to the 3 gigs and other activities, we are also looking forward to meeting our 2 new Dutch friends!!

Nephew no 7 was 18 - he chose to go out for a meal as he is not really a party goer, so we went to a lovely place in the old railway station that is conveniently only a 5 minute walk from our house.

(Not the birthday boy LOL but me with my lovely Dad and niece no 4)

2 musical evenings in 1 weekend -

No 1 with the delightful Kerry Ellis & Brian May on their Born Free acoustic tour, it was a magical candlelit evening for a very worthy cause - it makes my blood boil that there are sick people out there whose idea of holiday entertainment is to go out and kill beautiful Lions and call it sport - I hope karma truly bites them back right on the bum (this is the polite version for my blog of what I would like to happen to them)

I will admit to shedding a few tears when Kerry sang this with this poignant video playing in the background.

No 2 - Paul Carrack

I just love seeing music live and he had a very talented band with him.  You forget how many good bands he has been a part of - Ace, Squeeze, Mike and the Mechanics.

November was also a busy month for fund raising - I open up my home for a whole day to sell my cards, jewellery and the knitted goods that my Mum makes.  I also sell Avon and donate the commission from that order.  So far the total stands at £182 raised and once everybody has paid for their Avon orders there should be at least another £40 to give to Children with Cancer Fund (Polegate)

I sold virtually all my Christmas cards so then had to spend a weekend making another 59 so that I had enough cards to send out.  Because of the Christmas cards most of my other crafting has gone out of the window this month but I still managed to do 5 birthday cards, 3 layouts, 2 bracelets and 15 blog posts.

Right I am off to Julie's blog to confess my lateness for this month - if you fancy joining in yourself next month you can find out all about how to take part right here


  1. Hi Karen

    Good to hear you had some fun times mixed in with the housework last month though!

    And well done on your open house - sounds like a lovely way to begin the festive season.

    Thanks for finding time to join me once again, you're on the board now:

    Have a wonderful December!

    Julie :-)

  2. Congratulations on all the production and charity sales! Lovely family celebrations. :)

  3. Well done on all the card making and fund raising :) Just realised I've not blogged my numbers either :o

  4. busy month! looks like a good time though :)

  5. What a great month in numbers, so musical! Congratulations on raising so much money for your charity, not an easy task.


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