Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Me on Tuesday!!

A day late with Me on Monday as I was still in weekend mode yesterday.

The weekend was a lovely busy but relaxed one as it went on for four days.  There were two roast dinners, lots of easter egg munching, special Dutch Easter sprinkles on my breakfast cereal, a 40th birthday tea party to attend, Dundee cakes baked and a few layouts finished.  And most important of all, Mr P was home for most of the weekend, a rare treat!!

Today will be mainly spent getting ready for the UK Marillion convention - deciding what t-shirts to pack -

Making a start on the packing, don't forget the flower garlands for Saturday night's gig!!

And finishing making convention chocolate packs

If you would like to share about your weekend, then go over and see Sian at From High in the Sky and give her a little wave!!


  1. That's a lot of assembling for the choc packs. I bet they are very well received :)

  2. I love the thought of you deciding which of your t shirt collection to take! maybe there'll be a new one to bring home?

    Have a great week (and enjoy that Dundee cake: you've put me in the notion for one now..)

  3. And the chocolate was lovely as always :) Thanks Karen xx


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Karen xx

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