Monday 29 June 2015

Me on Monday

Monday always seems to roll round so quickly, I swear we have only just had one!!  Anyway if it is Monday it means it is time to go and give a wave to Sian at From High in the Sky and to share all the weekend goings on.

It was a pretty hot weekend, time to don the silly hat and the big sunglasses and do some outside work.

A weekend of trying to brighten up the garden and putting some bedding plants in

An evening of a stiff and sore back, aching legs and regretting doing the whole garden at once.  So Sunday was spent on quieter pursuits like cardmaking.

And Monday finds me not quite so stiff and sore and back to the usual weekly chores like laundry on a scorching hot day and forecast to get even hotter.

I waited till this evening to do my baking - a crafty friend coming to stay for a long weekend and a request for a Dundee cake to munch on over the weekend

If you have shared all about your Monday then make sure you go and give Sian a wave!!


  1. I do love a Dundee cake! (I've a funny feeling I might have mentioned that here before..)

    I like your gardening wear. It wasn't quite that warm here. It was wet at times, which meant muddy shoes coming into the house..

    Have a great week Karen

  2. Gardening , crafting and baking. Seems like the perfect weekend to me!


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Karen xx

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