Monday, 8 June 2015

Me on Monday

Oh gosh a whole week since I last blogged, I must get on and schedule some posts but first things first.  It is Monday so it must be time to give Sian over at From High in the Sky a big wave!!

The weekend was lovely, the weather was warm and sunny so time to venture out into the garden and start restoring some order to much neglected tubs

 I would love to do lots of gardening but sadly I have to work within the confines of my health, so I just potter about with my tubs and do what I can from my trusty garden stool.

FIL gave us this plant for Christmas - the ivy has gone wild but I think the little conifer was just shoved in the pot with very little root to it - anyway it has two choices now that I have put it outside!!
 There was also some craftiness going on, I took delivery of two pots of Bister on Saturday so I couldn't wait to have a quick play and make some backgrounds for future cards.

As it was the first full weekend of the month, the Sunday was our monthly crop at Cardinal Colours - it is a great place to go and be creative but working in a shop means you are always tempted to do just a little bit of shopping LOL!!

  And Monday finds us with another glorious day, a great chance to get the laundry outside and line dry it.
Hope this weather continues for the rest of the week, it is pleasantly warm without being too hot.
Have a good week whatever you get up to, I have the hairdressers and packing for upcoming holidays to look forward to.

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  1. Oh: packing for holidays sounds good :) I think I'd have to scrapbook blindfold to stop myself buying everything in that shop. Not sure how that would work out..

    Have a great week Karen.


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