Thursday, 8 September 2011

Greenland and Iceland Adventure - Finally get to Greenland after 6 days at sea

This 17 day cruise was always going to have a lot of at sea days as our first stop in Greenland - Qaqortoq (or Cuckoo Clock as the comedian christened it) is some 1,875 nautical miles from Dover.  We had a fairly rough ride up to Greenland as once we came away from the shelter of Ireland we were at the mercy of the Atlantic for 3 days. 

We ended up arriving late at Qaqortoq as during the night before a heavy fog came down - we couldn't even see the sea from our balcony as the whole ship was shrouded in thick fog - it was very creepy.  Also the ship encountered a huge ridge of polar ice blocking our way so the ship had to do a huge diversion to get around the ice. 

As we arrived so late at Qaqortoq all the tours were cancelled and we just had about four hours of shore leave - everyone was desperate to get ashore as by then we had been at sea for 6 long days!!!!

View of Qaqortoq from our balcony

A very fat husky

The local church

Church toilet (I'm not kidding - this baby church alongside the main church is the toilet!!)

After a few hours on dry land it was soon time to hop back onboard and make our way to our next stop in Greenland - Narsarsuaq.


  1. Thank you for sharing your fabulous photos
    Sandra x

  2. I love the toilet-- perfect for praying to the porcelain gods!


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