Saturday, 17 September 2011

Greenland and Iceland Adventure - Last Days at Sea

Sadly our adventures at sea were drawing to a close with it taking three at sea days to get back to Dover.  Once again we got caught up in rough seas and had to endure another day of Force 10 winds.

The penultimate night is always the Captain's Farewell party - another chance to get really dressed up.  On this night there is always the Gala Buffet to look forward to, the staff cruise show and the Parade of the Baked Alaskas at the end of the evening meal.

All the waiters march around the restaurant carrying the Baked Alaskas and singing 'When the Saints come marching in'.  A small band play and we are encouraged to join in with the singing, clapping and stamping of feet - even banging your cutlery on the table in time to the music is quite acceptable.

And of course the baked alaska is always delicious but I always end up having two puddings this evening as my favourite pudding the Cherry Brandy sundae is also on the menu and I can never decide what to have!!!

The last night of the cruise is always very busy as we try to get all our packing done but we also want to see the farewell show and say goodbye to those crew members who have made our time at sea so enjoyable.  So once the show was done we popped up to the Lido Bar to say goodbye to Apple, a sweet waitress who had looked after us so beautifully over the 17 days.  She had a little surprise for me, my parents had mentioned that I would have my birthday a couple of days after the cruise and what a shame it was that I missed having it on the cruise.  Bless dear Apple she only went and organised a cake and the band and all the bar staff to sing Happy Birthday to me that night.

The cake was really yummy and it is the little things like this that the crew members do that make cruising on the Black Watch so special.  I am now counting down the days to our next cruise - December 2012 when we will spend Christmas and New Year in the Canaries on Boudicca, the sister ship to Black Watch.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and the captains farewell party sounds fun! :)

  2. So glad you had such a lovely time Karen. Makes me want to try a cruise now.


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