Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Greenland and Iceland Adventure - Downtown Reykjavik

On our second day in Reykjavik we went into the city for a poodle about, whilst Richard went on a whale watching trip.

There were lots of lovely statues to be photographed, plus some icelandic seagulls for Wendy and I was exposed to yarn-bombing for the first time (I did have to come home and google why a tree was wearing knitted covers LOL!!)

Icelandic seagull for Wendy

Statues, sculptures and houses

And this place appealed to my funny sense of humour - it said it was an English Pub but was only selling Irish beer LOL!!

Sadly it was now time to leave Iceland after only two days - I really hope to come back here again one day and explore more of it.

We now had another three and a half days at sea to look forward to before arriving back home in Dover, so we made sure that we got a last glimpse of land.


  1. Lovely selection of photos Karen to remember your fantastic holiday. I have never been to Iceland but it looks a very beautiful and interesting country xxx

  2. I was wondering where I'd seen that bunting before!


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