Friday, 30 September 2011

Make and Takes at the Cardinal Colours Retreat

Jill had a great system for the make and takes this year - instead of trying to get on make and takes as they happened you were able to pre-book your places.  I thought this was great as at previous retreats I have been to I have often missed out on doing make and takes when too many people have wanted to do them and it has been the case that those that can run quickest to the make and take table get on them.

There were loads of different make and takes available and I booked to do two - beaded pins with Anita M and funky felt brooches with Perdita.

This is the lovely flower brooch that I made with Perdita

And these are the three lovely pins that I made with Anita

Thank you Perdita and Anita for two fabulous make and takes xx


  1. Glad you enjoyed them Karen :). I just LOVE your flower, how gorgeous is that! Your stitching is so neat and tidy.xx

  2. Anita keeps saying what I want to say waaaay before I get to saying it! I am well impressed by now neat your stitching is. I must get on with my birdie brooch!


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Karen xx

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