Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Greenland and Iceland Adventure - Formal photographs

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, we were really disappointed with the photographs taken on the first formal night as they came out with green lines across my glasses - it was such a shame as apart from that they were really lovely photographs.  The photographer didn't think they could be removed so we decided not to waste our money on them but instead booked a photo session with the photographer on the next formal night.  We managed to persuade my parents to join us for one photo so that we could have a nice family group.  I must admit that I don't really like having posed photographs done - Richard and I can never keep straight faces and always end up messing about.  But the photographer persevered and did manage to get some decent shots of us and I decided to leave my glasses off to avoid the flash doing funny things with them.

Thankyou to sweet Dee who said on Facebook that I look about 16 in these photographs - bless you.  I am looking forward to doing some layouts with these.


  1. Wow! Karen, what wonderful photos, so so lovely. Cannot wait to see them scrapped. xx

  2. What Anita said. :) What a happy couple and a lovely family. Aww....


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