Monday, 17 August 2015

Me on Monday

It was the weekend of the A Trip Down Memory Lane cybercrop, so I was kept very busy taking part in challenges and classes.

Over the weekend the dining room table looked like this

 And this
 And this
 So guess what I'm doing today - mainly clearing up the dining room and putting everything away properly upstairs in the room of doom

It was worth it though as I managed 6 complete layouts and another one almost completed

There should also be time to rustle up a lemon overload cake to put in the freezer ready for my birthday

Have a happy Monday everyone and if you have the time pop over to wave at Sian From High in the Sky


  1. 6 layouts in a weekend, I am impressed. Always good to check in on you, Karen. Happy Monday.

  2. Six layouts! Oh, I need to get

    It sounds like the perfect way to spend the weekend (I can relate to the clearing up..I brought my stuff downstairs when my brother was staying in my space upstairs. High in the Sky is staying Down Low for the time being..)

    Have a great week Karen

  3. I'm super impressed ... 6 layouts, wow. Well done

  4. Well done on 6 pages! I'd love a weekend like that - like a mini retreat!

  5. Well done on the cyber crop x
    I'm such a slow scrapper 6 is sometimes my monthly total!!

  6. I am envious of your 6 pages completed. I spend so much time hemming over each page, it seems I am for ever behind.


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Karen xx

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