Monday 24 August 2015

Me on Monday

It's still Monday so I still have time to give a wave to Sian over at From High in the Sky.

The weekend was a lovely fun packed one - Friday found us doing the slow, tedious drive from home to Portsmouth - 45 minutes usually to get from home to our planned lunch stop actually took over 2 hours and almost 5 hours to do the whole journey.  But it was worth it to spend a weekend with these guys - some of our lovely friends that we have met through Marillion gigs.

After a lovely BBQ on Friday evening, we then headed off to the Isle of Wight for the day on the hovercraft. 

We used the trains between Ryde and Shanklin to get around and also went on the steam train that runs between Smallbrook and Wootton.  It was a really lovely day, the weather was glorious and we finished the day with a Chinese meal once back on the mainland.

Before we knew it, it was Sunday and time to go home, but first there was time for a last meal together - a wonderful Sunday lunch put together by the lovely Caroline.  Going home was a much easier affair taking just over 2 hours.

So Monday found me with unpacking to do, my three weekly Avon order to sort out and the washing to catch up with - just one problem,the weather has been doing this for most of the day

So the room of doom resembles Widow Twankey's laundry at the moment!!!

And now I must dash, Mum has her first cataract surgery tomorrow morning and I am spending the day with her at the hospital - so a super early start is on the cards and I need some zzzzzzzzz's
Hope you all have a really great week ahead!!


  1. Sending very best wishes to your Mum and to you as you wait with her.

    You certainly look like you've been having a great time in that lovely picture. That pink scarf really suits you :)

    I'm hoping for something nice in this week for you after today is over

  2. Hope your mum is doing well.

    What a lovely social weekend you had

  3. HI there - glad you had such a super weekend. I lived in Pompey (Havant and mainly Hilsea) for a few years (Hubbie was in the Navy) and remember taking the hovercraft to the IOW. Is it still as noisy and bumpy as I remember?

  4. What a brilliant weekend Karen! Hope your mum's op went ok and she is recovering well x

  5. Just popped over from Sian's.....hope. Your mum is on the mend x


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