Monday 12 October 2015

Blogtober 2015 Day 12 - Me on Monday

Gosh it is almost Tuesday - anyway whilst it is still just Monday I am going to give a quick wave to Sian over at From High in the Sky

It was a fairly quiet and uneventful weekend - mainly spent at home crafting, though I did venture out to my parents on Saturday evening to share a bottle of wine with Mum and do our own critique of Strictly Come Dancing - we have four left feet between the pair of us but on Saturday nights we become quite expert on all things dance!!

I was given an order for some religious themed Christmas cards so made a start on those

Which involved getting a little bit messy with Distress inks - thankfully ink dusters are so much easier to use (for me) than the blending sponges

I also made a good start on my Halloween outfit to wear at the ATDML retreat coming up very soon

Monday has found me busy in the kitchen - now that the weather is definitely cooling down I'm making lots of stuff for the freezer - including American Pie.  I made two large ones and some smaller ones for Mr P to take to work to cook.

I am also making progress with those Christmas cards started at the weekend

If you would like to join in with Me on Monday, just pop over to Sian's blog and say hello in the comments


  1. You really did squeeze under the wire, with a minute to spare! I've never tried the ink dusters, but I was reading with interest, some discussion about them the other day. Mostly the differences between Clarity/Inkylicious and pound shop shaving brushes.

  2. I'm interested in American Pie. What's in that? I've never heard of it.

    I know! Everyone's an expert once Strictly starts. We laugh at ourselves shouting helpful advice at the screen too.

    Have a great week Karen. Your card order looks well under control and your costume? can't wait to see more

  3. Why do I keep finding myself reading blogs that mention food when I'm hungry?! That'll teach me to read before lunch!

    you seem to have autumn covered, warming food, spooky costumes and Christmas cards ... bring on the dark nights and cosy fires eh?

  4. busy weekend! cards look lovely and I can't wait to see your costume... haven't even started mine!

  5. Lovely cards. I like the soft colours of the first one. Like Sian I am curious as to what American Pie is. Hope you have a great week ahead.

  6. Those cards look beautiful, I sold my distress inks because I just didn't get on with them - perhaps I needed ink dusters instead of sponge!
    Another one that hasn't heard of American Pie (other than the song)


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Karen xx

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