Saturday, 17 October 2015

Blogtober 2015 Day 17 - How I Organise my Blogging

The other day I mentioned my 'Stuff to be Blogged' folder and several people commented on it, so I thought I would share how I organise my blogging in case it helps someone who might be looking for a different way to get organised.

Whenever I photograph any of my crafty stuff for the blog, I usually crop it and add my blog signature in Picasa.  From there I move it into a folder in my Pictures file called simply 'Stuff to be Blogged' - in that folder I have sub-folders for cards, Christmas cards, layouts, jewellery and miscellaneous stuff.  And there it sits until I am ready to use it on the blog.  Once it has made it onto the blog, the photo is then moved to another folder called 'Stuff already blogged 2015' and again I have the same sub-folders in that main folder.   In January I always start off a new folder for the year - it does help me find original photos that I have put on my blog previously, if I know which year I blogged it.  It also helps at the end of the year when I do blog post on my favourite cards and layouts from the year - hopefully they are all in the correct sub-folders.

I have a terrible memory so one thing that really helps me with my blogging is to keep a little notebook of what I have made.  The notebook is always on our dining room table and as I make things I can jot notes about what stamps or paper ranges I have used straight away.  I also take it to crops with me (when I remember) so whilst things are fresh in my mind they can be added straight to the book.

Once I have blogged something I cross it out of the book.

And once both sides of a sheet have been blogged, I fold that sheet over so that I am not continually looking at pages that no longer have projects to be blogged on them.

It certainly saves me a lot of time having to dig out stamps or paper ranges to find out what they are called - nine times out of ten that information will be in my little book!!

Now if only I could be as organised with everything else like I am with my blogging!!


  1. That is super organised. I don't blog everything I make and I don't even photograph a lot of things. I tend to take pictures as and when I decide to share something. Cards etc mostly get shared on woyww. When I've blogged about them on other days or written tutorials they tend to be my least popular posts.

  2. I wish I could be so organised! Great system :-)

  3. That sounds like an excellent system. And here is the living proof that it works! I have a blogging notebook to write down ideas as they come to me. As for the photographs, I don't make enough stuff to get that far ahead of myself. If I make DT stuff, there will be a time lag before I can show it, so whatever else I make has to be posted as soon as it's made to fill in the gap. I need to work faster!

  4. Fantastic idea - I don't get enough time to craft lots of things, but I DO have a terrible memory. This consists of forgetting to photograph things that I want to blog about too!

  5. It's a great idea. I'm trying to sort a blogging planner out at the moment, and I do have a file on the computer, title pretty blog and that's divided into years and then further folders. Your advice is helpful, thank you and you're proof it works


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