Monday, 5 October 2015

Blogtober 2015 Day 5 - Me on Monday

It's Monday again so time to give a big wave to Sian over at From High in the Sky and report on my weekend.

It was a weekend of thank you card making, local theatre visiting to see Micheal Palin and first Sunday of the month cropping at Cardinal Colours.

Monday finds me unpacking my three weekly Avon delivery, starting to sort everything out for my Open House Avon fundraiser next month and doing charity paperwork.

Wishing everyone a great week and if you want to join in, just share about your weekend & Monday and then go and say hi to Sian!!


  1. Oh what fun unpacking your Avon orders must be for you. Avon has always had such pretty things at Christmas. Hope you have a great week.

  2. *waves* it was a great crop as usual, love the pic of your pile of bags :-)

  3. You have a great week too Karen! I'm with Mary-Lou: I bet unpacking an Avon order can be fun..some of the time anyway. Still cheering you on in Blogtober..

  4. Such pretty Thank you cards. My Aunty used to get me a little something from Avon, for Christmas every year when I was a little girl. Novelty bottles of bubble bath and scent.

  5. You're a busy lady! I'm happy to share the odd weekend with you!! x

  6. I should think it's interesting to see what Avon goodies people have ordered

  7. Catching up on blogs so too late to wish you a happy week so here's to a happy weekend instead! Those thank you cards look very pretty x


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Karen xx

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