Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Blogtober 2015 Day 28 - Watercolour Wishes Thank you cards

I have found some thank you cards that I forgot to share when I did my mini series on thank yous.

These are made with Stampin' Up Watercolour Wishes Card kit - great for making very quick and easy cards and after the kit has been used you are left with a lovely set of sentiment stamps that you can use over and over.  I did actually buy the kit as it was the only way to get the sentiment stamps!!


  1. It's a lovely set of sentiment stamps. That's where SU fall down I think, speaking as a British card maker. The best/most useful sets tend to be exclusive: Hostess sets or part of kits (which I'm not prepared to fork out for!) rather than part of the main range. It makes it very difficult when planning classes and wanting to use products that are accessible to everyone.

  2. great cards, shame you have to buy the kit to get the stamps, but you will use them forever :-)

  3. A good "thanks" stamp is worth its weight in gold: as these cards prove


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